The mission of Curare Institute is to train believers “step-by-step” to lead others who are defeated in their Christian walk to a victorious life in Christ Jesus.

We invite you to explore this web site and contact us for resources for Christ-centered counselling, education, and training.

Dr. Billy Hamm in the book Christ-Centred Counselling (by Dr. Charles Solomon) explains the cause of The Curare Institute of Healing:

“Pastors and other Christians often find themselves counselling troubled people, whether they want to or not. Many situations make us feel inadequate for the task, but we are forced by necessity to try. Has counselling become one of those dreaded things in your Christian work that you wish would go away, or is it a lift to your life when others find guidance out of despair with your help?…

“The world has taken counselling from church ministry and made it into a specialised profession in the field of mental health. Emotional and personal counselling has been relegated by many to humanistic therapists who don’t know the person of Jesus Christ and don’t care to investigate His power to deal with human problems….

“Today, Christians are challenged to demonstrate that Jesus is the answer, no matter what the problem.

“Dr. Solomon presents the Biblical principles which allow believers to deal with behavioural problems and “besetting sins.” His discoveries came out of his own personal pain which produced a motivation to find God’s answers…

“Just as God’s plan of salvation is simple, so also is His plan of victory in the Christian life. One can lead others to Christ through the ‘Romans Road’.  Curare provides a simple plan for leading believers to spiritual and emotional victory through the Cross, as is found in Scripture and explained step-by-step in this Handbook. It can be said to be “the counsellor’s version of the Roman Road [Romans 3:23;6;23;10:9,10]…”

Curare is an affiliate of Grace Fellowship International, founded by Dr. Solomon.